BIVA S.r.l.s. is a company which specializes in the research and development of nutraceutical products through qualified internal resources as well as availing itself of important international consultants.

The achievement of our results has been possible thanks to a great passion for nutraceutical products and for the well-being that results from their use.

BIVA gives priority to the ability to listen to customer needs and above all the ability to interpret, understand and implement them.

The Vitaben brand was created precisely to give proper attention to the consumer through the use of innovative ingredients with a reduced environmental impact.

The constant and accurate monitoring of the entire production process ensures that each product respects extremely high standards of quality.

Thanks to our working relationship with an important company that boasts many years of experience in the field of products for early childhood, we can guarantee the availability of our products in all main pharmacies and health stores throughout the country.